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How Would You Spend Your Monthsary? For ToMiho, It Was More Than You'd Expect!

How Would You Spend Your Monthsary? For ToMiho, It Was More Than You'd Expect!

You're about to reach that first monthly milestone with your partner. You'd think how will we celebrate it and make it really memorable?

Some couples would really splurge on an extraordinary date, maybe an out-of-town escapade, an expensive dinner, or an extreme outdoor adventure, like maybe a hike at Mt. Pulag or a two-person bungee jump in Danao, Bohol that will surely leave them exhiliratingly close just as they had been so locked in that tight embrace when they made that leap of faith!

But for Miho Nishida and Tommy Esguerra, who celebrated their first official monthsary as a couple on Tuesday, January 19, exactly a month after Miho said "yes" to Tommy on It's Showtime, it was more than you'd expect for new couples. It went beyond just merely enjoying their time together. It was like a step forward to forever!

Tommy brought Miho to Long Beach, California to meet his family.

And as Tommy and Miho's pictures reveal on Instagram, it was really a special, unforgettable moment. The most telling was a picture with Miho part of an Esguerra family photo--a sight so moving!

But truly the most special for Tommy was his picture of mom Shirley and Miho together and captioned it, "The two most important people in my life."

If you are truly serious about your relationship, wouldn't it be a marvelous idea to follow what Tommy did?



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