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Be Dazzled: DanRich, a Fashion Match Made in Heaven!

Be Dazzled: DanRich, a Fashion Match Made in Heaven!

They surprised us, enamored us, and captivated us with their "kilig much" vibe as a couple.

But what also greatly endeared DanRich to us is their being a stunningly perfect match in terms of style. Daniel Matsunaga has always been the epitome of dapper, down to his on trend footwear and slick hairstyle. On the other hand, the love of his life, Erich Gonzales, exhibits an equally fashionable flair, whether in flowy casual pieces or more glammed up ensembles.

Truly, a lovely and destined couple, not only because of their compatible personas, but also because of their fashion sensibilities that are fantastically in tune. A best-dressed pair, no doubt!

Here's how you can achieve style that's in perfect harmony like theirs:

1) Agree on your "couple style."

Have a fun tête-à-tête with your partner, just discussing how to achieve that well-matched look. Agree on what fashion style to adhere to and what kind of clothes both of you would wear before heading off to a date or an event.

2) Shop for new clothes together.

While we are used to just deciding on our own the outfits we would buy, celebrating your relationship with your partner would even be more exciting should the both of you "collaborate" onthe pieces to bring home.

3) Support each other to achieve the best look.

Just be there for your partner and give honest and helpful advice on how to look his or her best. Should you need to seek more help, you can go to the extent of consulting a stylist, your fashionista friend, or an ever-modish and resourceful relative on the latest fashion, hairstyle, cosmetics, accessories ,and footwear trends and if and how it will look good on you two.



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