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#ChalkLovesMayWard: May May Entrata And Edward Barber Reveal Their Favorite Thing About Each Other

#ChalkLovesMayWard: May May Entrata And Edward Barber Reveal Their Favorite Thing About Each Other


Both emerging from Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 and now coupled as this year’s breakout love team, young stars May May Entrata and Edward Barber have stepped into the spotlight hand in hand. Spending a few hours with these two has let us in on the kind of relationship that they have, one that seem to work seamlessly, leaving us with little room to wonder why their duo is such a massive hit. While May May has her crazy yet endearing antics, Edward has an air of maturity that tames the former if need be. But it's safe to say that both have the same carefree and youthful spark that allows them to jive together well.


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The pair has their own set of vibrant traits. But when asked what they love most about each other, we couldn’t help the internal “Awwww!” that came after their answers. For Edward, it’s how easy it is for May May to understand him even without saying a word. “Isang tingin lang, gets niya na ako. Kung wala akong confidence, alam niya. Kung masaya ako, alam niya.” He adds, “Sometimes, even if you have a best friend, it’s hard for them to tell what you’re feeling and thinking. Pero si May May, gets niya ako. So I find a lot of comfort in that.”

On the other hand, May May considers Edward’s unique companionship as something she can truly rely on. “Sobrang thoughtful and caring niya. Tapos sensitive siya in a way na hindi niya ako hahayaang mag-isa.” She elaborates, “Kaya ko ang sarili ko pero mas masaya pala na meron akong nakakausap tungkol sa mga problema ko. Siya palang ‘yung taong ganun.” 


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Another thing that these two share in common is their humility as newbies in the world of show business. This manifests in their countless “starstruck” moments whenever they get to encounter celebrities that they’ve looked up to growing up. Their most memorable one would have to be their first Star Magic Ball. Considering the grandeur of the event, it was indeed one of the best nights of May May’s life as she giddily tells us, “Ang dami kasing artista eh! Nakikita ko lang dati ‘to sa TV, tapos biglang nandito na ako. Parte na ako!

Edward, who knew exactly how to keep May May’s spazzing in check, chimes in, “Everyone who knows May May knows she loves artistas. So we had a system. We were holding hands, ‘di ba? So, every time she sees someone, I press her hand which means, ‘Sumosobra ka na. You have to calm down!’”


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Surely, these two make a great team, and another mark of that is how people could easily associate the MayWard tandem with the likes of KathNiel, JaDine, and LizQuen. But the two are quick to deny that they’ve already reached that level of success. Edward explains, “If you look at those love teams, you have to ask, ‘How long have they been doing this? How long have they spent honing their craft and learning all these little things? How many years have they been in the industry? How many times have they been on set?’ Countless times! I can still tell you how many days I’ve been on set. And when I lose count, perhaps that’s when we get a little bit closer to their level.” Proving that he has his feet on the ground, Edward adds, “That kind of success is not something that’s given; it has to be earned. People are saying that we’re already there pero wala pa. We have to earn it first.”

For May May, their “idols” will always remain as inspiration especially when it comes to dealing with fame. She says, “Kahit nasaan man sila, kahit ano pa yung na-achieve nila, humble pa rin sila kaya siguro bine-bless sila.


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But even though they deeply admire all these showbiz personalities, there’s no career path that they want to follow other than the one that’s right before them. “Gusto ko yung sa amin. Gusto ko meron kaming sariling path,” May May claims. Edward shares the same sentiment, mentioning that they don’t have to worry about being in anyone’s “level.” He even concludes with a piece of advice for anyone who’s struggling to find their identity, saying, “Everyone has their own little spark, that special something that makes them stand out. Never forget that.”

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Photographed by Shaira Luna
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Louis Manuel
Styled by Macky Combe (Edward) and Em Millan (May May)
Hair, Makeup, and Grooming by Eman De Leon and Jaymar Lahaylahay
Shot on location at Van Gogh Is Bipolar



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