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Be Dazzled: Primetime TV's Breathtaking Transformations

Be Dazzled: Primetime TV's Breathtaking Transformations

Transformations in the way characters look in primetime TV programs mark important milestones or plot twists in the teleserye.

These add extra excitement and a compelling reason for the audience to stay tuned. But more than just an episodic element, these transformations have really made a tremendous impact on viewers. They get more involved in the characters they see, to the point of actually channeling their portrayals and transform the way they look themselves.

It's not that they would want to resemble Amor Powers or Claudia Buenavista, or make a drag disguise just like Coco Martin. The audience see hope in the transformations they witness, treat it as not just a mere change in look, but a cue to improve their lives for the better.

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