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Hot Stuff: This New Reality TV Series On Bridal Wear Will Make You Rethink Your Wedding Goals!

Hot Stuff: This New Reality TV Series On Bridal Wear Will Make You Rethink Your Wedding Goals!

A bride's wedding dress ideally shouldn't be the couple's cause of pre-wedding obsession. At the core of the occasion, it's the marriage, not the wedding that truly matters, right? Still, no one can really argue with the fact that a bride's wedding gown is ultimately a special highlight. It adds value and of course romance in presentation. For those who can afford to spend on the perfect gown for them, the hunt for the best dress is the most engaging—pun intended.

TLC's Say Yes To The Dress Asia works on the same premise, the Asian edition of the hit US TV series. Eighteen real brides will journey together with the guidance of Malaysian designer Jovian Mandagie and celebrity host Daphne Iking to find their perfect dress. Both expressed their excitement for the show (which premieres on November 24 with a live with an FB Live session on the 27th, 9 PM), even revealing some noteworthy insights on some bridal concerns in our chat.

On the subject of bridal trends and why people obsess over them sometimes to a fault, Daphne Iking offered wise counsel, "I think because of that social media obsession, there is that tendency to go with trend which Jovian and I are not a huge fan of unless it really looks good on you. But don’t go do it just because you want to be trendy. If you really like that trend, like the bell sleeves, and I don’t know what the latest trends of this season, but go ahead. Otherwise, go with what you are already comfortable with. But keep an open mind and just have a wild card outfit that maybe one of your friends says 'Just try this on.'"


Back on set with my awesome partner @DaphneIking for #SAYYESTOTHEDRESSASIA. Guess what? We are premiering this October!

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Malaysian designer Jovian Mandagie agreeably shared his thoughts on the change in bridal gown climate in today's modern world, "Nowadays, the brides like something that is more practical, and more modern, sleek, and very clean. Even for us in Malaysia, even if they want to hold something that is very traditional, they want something traditional and yet modern. So, it’s very contemporary nowadays." He does like that today brides are open to trying styles that ultimately suit them. "I find that it is a very good move on the new trend where we really encourage women to wear something that is practical and complements themselves as a person rather than wanting to wear something that is not really them."

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As for what both hosts are looking forward to on the show, they both agreed it has to be the reality of getting to know the brides on the show and the real moments that arise from there. Jovian made a point when he cited the involvement of family. "It becomes so interesting because you get your loved ones involved in your dress you’re choosing. And what makes it very interesting is that it’s not only about fashion facts, but it is also about a love that you cherish among your loved ones, and also the fact that the whole process becomes so memorable for every single bride." 

Admittedly, Daphne also had to point out that she and Jovian couldn't help but get the feels, too, when it came to shooting the show. "We try to be as professional... But you can’t help but feel emotional at certain stories that the brides share for instance." 

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