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Be Dazzled: "It's Showtime" Hosts Strike a Pose

Be Dazzled:

They made us laugh, they made us scream. They surely thrilled us, entertained us, and made all our noontime moments extra special. And they have truly become part of lives.

The ever iconic, zany and picturesque emcees of the fun-filled, inspiring, and thrilling "It's Showtime" have not only brightened up our days with their antics, talent and sometimes death-defying, surreal numbers, they have also stunned and captivated us with their fashion sense and stylish looks.

Here are some of their impressive and tantalizing images shared on Instagram, wherein they get to wear their most chic outfits, show their best looks, and strike those fabulous poses fit for magazine covers.

Truly, we can say that Vice, Anne, Vhong, Karylle, Billy, Coleen, Mariel, Amy, Jhong, Kuya Kim, Teddy, Jugs, Ryan, and Eruption have emerged to be not only first-rate entertainers but extraordinary style icons as well.



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