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Fitness Inspo: #MissEarth2017 Karen Ibasco Gets Away With Her Sweet Tooth Just How?

Fitness Inspo: #MissEarth2017 Karen Ibasco Gets Away With Her Sweet Tooth Just How?

Admittedly, we know not a lot about the Philippines' rep to Miss Earth 2017. But with Karen Ibasco's coronation as the pageant's winner, like how publicity goes and with the Philippines as a beauty contest-crazy country, we're betting we'll see and hear more of her very soon. We do know (and are amazed) of her being a University of Santo Tomas graduate and a Physics professor at her Alma Mater, at that. We also do know how her smarts translate outside the four corners of the classroom. Her answer to the last part of the Q&A segment on her way to bagging the crown in the evening of November 4th made such impression.

"I believe that the real problem is not climate change. The real problem is us, because of our ignorance and apathy. What we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds and redirecting our steps. Because together as a global community, our micro efforts will have a macro-effecr to help save our home, our planet."

Yes, girl, say it hard! #realtalk

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What else is there to know about the beauty queen, she already keeps us informed via her very updated Instagram account. Before she studded it with posts of her gorgeous bod in bikini and gowns plus her site visits and eco-activities as part of the pageant, the 26 year-old Karen was the typical social media-equipped millennial shooting flat lays and product shots of her palatal luxuries. She is particularly transparent about having a thing for sweets!

How does she counter it? Judging from the rest of her posts and skipping genetics, there's her apparent addiction when it comes to working out. "Intenz" is an understatement for Karen at the gym if you check out her videos at it—in fact, she also joined a physique competition staged by popular gym franchise Gold's Gym. Two years ago, Karen won Miss Shape Philippines first runner-up. This put her to ambassador and fitspo super status next to celebrity trainer Arnold Arinion and fitness vlogger Cassie Umali!

Hey, ladies, meet your new Lodi in Karen Ibasco! Check out our gallery to see more of what we mean about her fondness for both food and fitness!

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Photos taken from Karen Ibasco's Instagram account



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