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In Focus: This Is How Some Of The #MissEarth2017 Bets Are Planning To Save Mother Earth!

In Focus: This Is How Some Of The #MissEarth2017 Bets Are Planning To Save Mother Earth!

No other realm in culture have women been adored by both the masses and the elite of equal proportions than the beauty pageant stage. Beauty queens are labeled royalty for a reason—and it’s usually because of the causes they stand for next to #girlpower. Miss Earth, founded 16 years ago in Manila, carries environmental care as the unifying theme of the pageant. Of this, the pageant—which is one of the largest in the world—has taken its participants to ecotourism-inclined activities that aim toward conservation and preservation.

This year, with the depletion of natural resources still a growing concern anywhere in the world, Miss Earth’s cause couldn’t be any more timeless. The pageant has partnered anew with shoe brand Merrell to bolster its campaign. Merrell, which promotes “urban advocacy” by way of creating versatile and nature-friendly products made for both the city streets and the concrete jungle, cornered some of the ladies recently and asked them about their own personal campaigns. ABS-CBN Lifestyle listened in—and this is what we got!

Miss Earth Nigeria 2017 Eucharia Akani. This 19 year-old Theater Arts student is working for a partnership with the World Bank, all to help stop gas flows by 2030. Next to education, she wants to push for awareness of the eradication and safe management of active gas flows in her community.

Miss Earth Canada 2017 Jacqueline Marsh. The registered nurse seeks to focus on something close to home. “I live next to the largest freshwater lake in the world so it’s an issue that’s close to my heart. We need to preserve this resource for the future generations,” she says. This, she hopes to kick-start by educating people in her community about water consumption and conseration.

Miss Earth Colombia 2017 Juliana Franco. To reduce consumption and thus to lessen emission and waste. This is what it’s all about for Juliana, who wants to educate people about wiser purchases.

Miss Earth England 2017 Charloce Brooke. Her being a vegan and animal-love already clues you in on her love for Mother Nature. Live a greener lifestyle and watch what you eat, she suggests, as meat and dairy as innocuous as they may be actually go through environment-hazardous processes.

Miss Earth Philippines 2017 Karen Ibasco. The UST graduate is campaigning for reusable energy over fossil fuels, as it will reduce emissions and, furthermore, the effects of global warming. This campaign, she says, we can start on by getting physical with our daily activities. The school teacher declares, “We can walk if the distance is near or just use (bicycles).”

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