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Kitchen Whiz: Bake Your Own Pizza Margherita Using, Yes, Your Oven Toaster!

Kitchen Whiz: Bake Your Own Pizza Margherita Using, Yes, Your Oven Toaster!

A lot of on-the-go millenials rarely have time to grab a bite and end up spending lots of money on take-out food or dining out.  If you could remove one meal from the dine-out list and craft it at home with ease, why not?  One of the easiest stove-free things to prepare that also offers the go-healthy option is an oven toaster pizza.   We spotted a kitchen-tested concise Pizza Margherita recipe you might just want to try.  The pre-made tortillas in this recipe can also be used for wraps and other easy eats. Preparation with all ingredients ready is about 5 minutes, cooking time is about 8 minutes depending on the heat level of your oven toaster. Check our gallery above for the step-by-step instructions.  Here is the general recipe: 

Ingredients (2 solo pizzas, Serves 2): 

Fresh or dried basil

2 medium tomatoes (sliced, if you want your pizza less soggy, remove the watery seed center from the slices)

2 Ready-made tortillas, preferably 6 inch diameter for a solo serving (Village Gourmet has a small size that fits in medium to large toaster ovens) 

1/3-1/2 cup Del Monte Italian Spaghetti sauce 

50-75 grams of Mozzarella cheese 

1/3 cup of extra virgin olive oil (you may not use all)

Tabasco hot sauce on the side as a serving suggestion

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