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Vic and Pauleen: As January Ends, Forever Begins

Vic and Pauleen: As January Ends, Forever Begins

Their co-hosting duties evolved into a spine-tingling romance right before our eyes.

He, a decades-old entertainment legend and she, a dazzling and vibrant beauty with a 34-year age gap. Some mind it, others don't. But the best result of Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna's controversial real-life May December affair is that true love won and would lead them to the altar. We can see their most special photos together in this gallery as shared by Pauleen on her Instagram account.

And a date was given: January 30, 2016, unwittingly perhaps when a bridesmaid, Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, revealed her official itinerary in her triumphant return to the Philippines on January 23. Blame that too on Pauleen's outspoken talent manager Lolit Solis, who spilled the beans in a TV interview. Vic and Pauleen had not given those details themselves.

Regardless, it will be a date when the couple will prove how, despite their utter and obvious differences, true love has triumphed despite those insidious murmurs and awful prejudices. Above all, it will be an opportunity for both to show detractors how pure and genuine their love is for one another, and how it becomes a life to be lived happily ever after.

What can we learn from their journey as a couple?

1) Obviously, age doesn't matter in true love

Love is not measured by how close or how far the age gap is between lovers. The measure is how it is shared and truly manifested between them.

2) Even if society frowns on your relationship, fight for it till the end

A test of true love is fighting for it despite hurdles or conflicts or even cruel small talk lingers against it. Why? Because the essence of love is transcending the inanities of the world.

3) Celebrate your true love, always and forever

Strive to be happy, not only for ourselves, but with your partner as well. Always find an opportunity to give it the importance that it deserves in your life. It may be finding an awesome getaway, or just spending a simple dinner talking and sharing all what transpired during the day.



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