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Kris: Being "Just a Mom" for Bimby, Josh in Hawaii is "Heaven"!

Kris: Being

Kris Aquino not only took time off from her insanely hectic schedule for a grand New Year's holiday in Honolulu, Hawaii, she also took this opportunity to become what she loves to be: just a mom to Bimby and Josh.

In these vacation photos Kris shared on Instagram, she was indeed overjoyed spending the entire time with Bimby and Josh, frolicking around Waikiki Beach or spending R&R at the serviced apartment they rented for the joyous escapade.

In a post she said, "...for my sons they are so used to me being a workaholic, forever on set or on location mom - so seeing me "just be a mom" is heaven." 

And, best of all, Kris did everything for them sans any helpers at her beck and call. She became an all-around mom: cooking meals, washing dishes, cleaning the interiors, fixing and arranging stuff, and even tidying up the sleeping area, after housekeeping just gave them fresh towels and removed the trash because the occupants had "overslept."

This was an experience that made Kris believe in moms and dads who "manage to do it all" and made her love the dedication, honesty, and loyalty of her helpers at home.




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