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Hottie Alert: Meet Hunky Student DJ Max Berardi, The Fil-Aussie Of Your Dreams!

Hottie Alert: Meet Hunky Student DJ Max Berardi, The Fil-Aussie Of Your Dreams!

By Aditi Pangrekar and Angela Sy 

Max Berardi is an up-and-coming DJ, model, and influencer with immense potential. Having grown up in Sydney, his education and career in the Philippines have been nothing short of an adjustment. We recently chatted with the 21-year-old as he dished out on his upbringing, interests, and rapid rise in both nightlife and social media.

Back in Australia, Max liked spending his days in the water. And while the land down under is home to some of the best surfing spots in the world, Max admits he wasn’t too crazy about the waves. “I don’t want to call myself a typical surfer…but I swam a lot. I was a real beach boy,” he says.

When he wasn’t swimming or surfing, he kept busy creating content. Max attended a high school just up the hill from Bondi Beach. The film classes he took there ultimately led him to move to the Philippines and pursue a degree at Meridian International (MINT) College.

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Upon arrival, he spent most of his time getting used to his new life. “I had to have people to tell me how things work. I got advice from my mom and my lola,” he reveals. He also had to familiarize himself with the language. “I didn’t learn much Tagalog growing up,” he confesses. “It’s a bit of a struggle but I’m slowly settling in.”

Max insists that his primary reason for migrating was to study. But that didn’t stop him from booking jobs here and there. “I got approached by [modelling] agencies, did a bit of work with them, and now it’s taking off,” he explains. Likewise, the gigs he lands often has him step in front of the camera instead of behind it. “Aside from thesis films, I’ve done small acting jobs [and] short Youtube virals for different channels,” he elaborates. 

His online following has grown too—so much that he’s become an bona fide albeit accidental social media influencer. “It’s kind of weird because I had no idea what that was, I didn’t even know that was a thing. But then I met bloggers [and] other influencers. I’ve been getting invited to events for brands,” he reflects.

As if these weren’t enough to fill his plate, this sought-after millennial is also a DJ. Says Max, “I’ve been learning since my first year of college.” Having played in Gourda, Taft, and Palace Pool Club, he hopes to expand his nightlife career by spinning in as many clubs as possible.

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At just 21, it’s safe to say that life has been kind to Max. Just recently, he made it as one of Chalk's finalists in its youth search, Bright Young Manila Campus Hotties.

When asked what he loves most about these opportunities, he goes, “I love meeting new people and working with new people. I also like to entertain. I’m entirely grateful for every step that I’m taking right now.”

This certainly isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of him. If anything, it’s just the beginning.

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Produced by Mels Timan & Barry Viloria  | Cinematography by Jana Jimenez | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Grooming by Iris Tolentino of J.Cat Beauty | Styling by Barry Viloria | Clothes by The Athlete's Foot

Shot on location at FUCT MNL (Unit 7, La Fuerza Building, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City)

Special thanks to Mae Bello and Dennis Gonzales of Fuct MNL and Will Hsu and Kelly Grace Oliveros of Monster Centaur PR



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