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In Focus: Know Why All Eyes Are On Rosenthal Tee's Spunky Formalwear Brand

In Focus: Know Why All Eyes Are On Rosenthal Tee's Spunky Formalwear Brand

One can easily imagine how some brides today often end up feeling like cumbersome, tiered cakes on their big day if met with a less-than-ideal bespoke wedding dress. Spotting the hip, millennial bridal designer Rosenthal Tee at a recent Shiseido event as its new Waso skincare ambassador, we found ourselves discussing about a whole bunch of things career-wise. At the age of 29, her self-titled formal design label has already graced the catwalk of New York Fashion Week and has increasingly become a go-to feminine favorite for young and old clients alike.

Rosenthal gladly outlined how the success spike of her formalwear design career came about. She shared the obvious and astute biz move that spawned her immense brand growth over the last few years, "I am an accidental bridal designer primarily because of social media. My clients were more of the lolas, the titas.  When I started uploading my designs online, that got me the attention from the younger set and enabled me to reach my younger clientele. I really am a product of digital self marketing."  

A while back in 2013, Rosenthal spread her sartorial wings. Having completed a Master's degree from the acclaimed Istituto Marangoni  in Fashion Design Womenswear with Distinction, the blonde-tinged design maven was bound to soar. "Yes, actually I finished first my undergrad in Ateneo and then I got the chance to study in the UK. I was in London for three years, so I did a post grad and then an MA in fashion design womenswear."

Among the alumni from Rosenthal's post-graduate school were Franco Moschino (of the namesake brand) and Allesandra Fachinetti (formerly of Valentino and Gucci). On top of that, even with a prestigious master's degree under her belt Rosenthal continued her education in add-on stages, even pocketing courses in Jewelry Design and Textitle Print Design from London's Central Saint Martins.  "So, I got my training primarily in London. After my stint as a student, got back home and opened up my own little studio."  Since then, lately celebrities like Bea Lonzo, Anne Curtis, Jasmine Curtis, Megan Young, Pia Wurtzbach, and more have worn her exquisite work.  

When asked distinctly if Rosenthal had her own look for her creations from the beginning she admitted  "I thought back then, yes, but in retrospect, I don’t think my vision for myself was that strong yet. There were kind of like certain materials that I’d always use.  All that was kind of there in the beginning but not as strongly obvious as it is now." 

Our observation was that Rosenthal is also known for wearing her own bespoke casual chic designs when out and about. We asked her for style suggestions for the more average individual when it comes to curating a practical set of things to wear. "I myself don’t really buy into a lot clothing although I am a fashion designer.  That’s given me the chance to curate a smaller wardrobe. It’s a lot of basics, very French girl style. White tops, jeans, a good pair. A good jacket...I always have a jacket. I think for those who are kind of on a budget, just generally try to get into the local slow fashion scene. There a lot of good ready-to- wear Pinoy pieces that are durable, and that’s something people should go for more often."


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Rosenthal had a simple message to send out for today's fashion aspiring youth, "Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself. There’s a tendency with all of the social media pegs and all of these visuals that you see to kind of get lost in trying to imitate someone else’s look. So for me, it’s good to stop looking online. Don’t copy, don’t try to do something that isn’t you. That will help you grow as someone who has a curated eye for the things that they like."

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