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IN PHOTOS: Kean and Chynna's Road to Forever

IN PHOTOS: Kean and Chynna's Road to Forever

Seldom do we see how a love blossoms to forever, right on Instagram!

Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza, who tied the knot right on New Year's Eve, had one incredible journey to forever, based on these photos Kean shared on his Instagram. We really dug deep into his Instagram feed and discovered that over a year ago, Kean and Chynna collaborated on a music video, which the rock star directed and the actress produced. This was when his stream of posts with Chynna begun.

It would seem just cordial, wacky and friendly at first, but further posts show them in more intimate, romantic, and yes kilig poses, proving that they have taken the next, thrilling step in their relationship.

In October 2015, Kean publicly announced the "beautiful" love of his life on Tonight With Boy Abunda.

This became thoroughly evident on December 3, Chynna's birthday, when Kean waxed poetic:

She is the meaning of life.
She makes the world go round.
She wipes away all those tears.
She smiles and i go crazy.
She inspires me in every single way.
She listens to every chord, every word.
She keeps me calm. She is my peace.
She's got the face i call home.
She is the most beautiful human being.
She's is the heart that keeps me alive. She is my Sanctuary.
She keeps me closer to Him.
She is God's beautiful work of art.
She is everything.
Happy birthday to the love of my life @chynsortaleza! She deserves all the great things in this world!

And a post made a few days after showed Chynna with an engagement ring on it.

And on New Year's Day, both Kean and Chynna together posted a pic showing their two hands with their pinkies slightly touching and those brilliant awesome wedding bands on their ring fingers.

Truly, a touching, wonderful love story told in pictures!

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