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Dining Delight: Savor The Soul Of Vietnam In This Homey Nook!

Dining Delight: Savor The Soul Of Vietnam In This Homey Nook!

To experience a new culture, it all amounts to perspective, persepective, perspective. Food, after all, is a repository of tales of any given country, providing a focal point for understanding a culture that is foreign to us.

In Nhà Em, one can explore the soul of Vietnam in the comfort of its homey interiors. Their hearty meals are recreations of typical countryside cooking, dishes that Vietnamese mothers lovingly prepare for their families in the comforts of their abodes.

Refreshingly simple, their food stands out with the brilliance of its balance: the sweet and the salty and the fresh and the fermented meld together in a profusion of unforgettable flavors. Freshness is redolent in their prolific use of vegetables, herbs, spices, and aromatics that punctuate each dish that is served. Think: verdant sprigs of basil crushed into a steaming hot bowl of Pho, crispy mustard leaves encasing a crispy Bánh Xèo, and curly cilantro brightening a platter of Tôm Kho Tàu.

Everything on the menu seems to echo of stories from and about Vietnam. It is precisely this authenticity that begs for your attention: humble yet unforgettable, with dishes that beckon you sit back, relax, and forget about your worries for one Manila minute.

Nhà Em is located at 5th level Sky Park of Aura Premier Mall. Stay updated through their Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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Photographs from Nhà Em






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