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Dining Delight: Greek Out With These Progressive And Healthy Gastronomical Goodies!

Dining Delight: Greek Out With These Progressive And Healthy Gastronomical Goodies!

When one thinks of Greece, mystical landscapes and stunning vistas come to mind: sun-dappled views of olive groves and rolling hills, charming blue and white villas punctuating endless cerulean coastlines. It is a country of effortless charm and approachable sophistication, blessed with a laid-back, joyful way of life.

The true spirit of country, however, is reflected in its cuisine: wholesome, soulful dishes unmarred by pretension. It is precisely this simplicity that Souv! by Cyma aims to bring to Manila's culinary options.

The dishes found in Souv! are progressive Greek cuisine at its finest, the brainchild of Chef Robby's Mediterranean meanderings. All the dishes present a duality: fresh takes on the classics that feel both novel yet familiar. Restraint and masterful techniques resulted in a breathtaking elegance of flavor nuances. For instance, for the Grilled Whole Lapu-Lapu, Chef Robby emulsified clam juice with lemon and EVOO to come up with a sauce that is delicate yet indulgent. Stellar pairing of flavors made the Grilled Sous Vide Octopus shine, where interplays between the sour and the salty elevated the dish into the divine. For dessert, delve into Greek yoghurt served with a playful array of toppings that cater to every tastebud.

From that initial nibble to the last savored bite, Souv! lets you know what you’re in for: approachable, modern interpretations of dishes built upon the most basic yet most flavorful ingredients.

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan



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