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Dining Delight: Been Bored Of Asian Food? Excite Your Palate Anew With Exotic Borneo Cuisine!

Dining Delight: Been Bored Of Asian Food? Excite Your Palate Anew With Exotic Borneo Cuisine!

All the best flavors of Asia convening in one place? Yes, please.

Owing to the multiethnic makeup of its population, Asia's largest island is an exciting smorgasboard of Chinese, Indian, and Malayan influences. It would seem that the region has judiciously accumulated all of the best parts of their multicultural culinary attributes and combined them to form a distinctly Bornean gastronomic identity. Each part of Borneo employs different methods of preparation and ingredients to come up with their own rendition of the same dish. As such, the colorful fabric of influences is beautifully showcased in an array of mouthwatering dishes.

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The cuisine makes prolific use of ingredients that grow in the region, notably coconut and lemongrass, resulting in a cacophony of tastes unique to Borneo. Heat is a notable characteristic of the cuisine, which predominantly uses chilis across most of their iconic dishes. Spices also enjoying a starring role in most of the dishes, with a melange of them, like kaffir lime, turmeric, ginger, coriander, cardamom, and cumin, providing an earthiness to the cuisine.

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Particularly omnipresent, rice is a staple of the meals of Borneo, where everything else is considered as an accompaniment for the beloved carbohydrate. Noodles are another popular starch staple, as are Indian breads such as roti canai, idli, puri and dhosa, which are commonly eaten with breakfast.

All of these elements amalgamates into a cuisine that illustrates everything good food should be: vibrant flavors made memorable by contrasting textures. Discover Borneo through its cuisine, where its food is the perfect manifestation of its culture! To whet your appetite, we've rounded up an anthology of dishes we've sampled and loved. Enjoy!

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