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In Focus: From Traditional To Modern Designs, #SONA2017 Fashion Was An Eclectic Sight!

In Focus: From Traditional To Modern Designs, #SONA2017 Fashion Was An Eclectic Sight!

For the second time since he was elected into office, President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, July 24. The entire nation watched as he recapped all that his administration has accomplished thus far and revealed his legislative plans for the upcoming year, bannered under the theme of "A Comfortable Life for All."

Netizens had much to react to as Duterte discussed everything from his continued fight against illegal drugs, to his justification behind declaring Martial Law in Mindanao and the state of Marawi. He also touched on the need for environmental protection and economic productivity from industries, the urgency for better disaster resiliency in Metro Manila, the country’s relationship to China in connection to the West Philippine Sea, and the necessary changes needed in government agencies, which he vowed would lead to better public service. He even called out critics who call him a bully and announced the opening of a public hotline for anyone with complaints. 

And, as with all years before, many also took notice of what attendees wore to this important occassion. In a nutshell, this year’s dress code was similar to that of 2016. Lawmakers were expected to come in Filipiniana, while others opted for simple business attire or Filipinana dresses that aren’t floor-length. While SONAs are no fashion shows, the designs came too striking not to be noticed. See what our public figures chose!

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