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Pop Quiz: Who Would Be The Perfect Cast Members In Our Dream 'Pinoy Aladdin?'

Pop Quiz: Who Would Be The Perfect Cast Members In Our Dream 'Pinoy Aladdin?'

By Danielle Cuaycong

With the news of Disney’s live action Aladdin movie exploding on the Internet with its controversial casting "struggles," we—the A Whole New World-singing, Lea Salonga-cheering—fans here from the Philippines couldn't help but reflect—Who would be the ones take part in the movie if it were filmed in the Philippines? See, our Asian connection would help us get this right. There'd be no way we can misrepresent the brown-skinned, golden-voiced Aladdin, Jasmine, and the rest of the iconic characters we have all come to love.  (We are #MorenaAndProud who do karaoke for breakfast, duh!) Here’s a list of the Filipino stars whom we think would make excellent Aladdin cast members!

1. Donny Pangilinan as Aladdin. The 19-year-old heartthrob and recently crowned MYX VJ has a fan base increasing more and more each day. With his large brown eyes and newly signed record deal with Universal Records, Donny would play a really handsome Aladdin. Although he may not be a street rat IRL with his coordinating streetwear style consisting of Yeezys and baggy jumpers, he could always dress the part of Aladdin with no shirt (cue the screams of all teenage girls) and white harem pants.

2. Tommy Esguerra as Aladdin. Let’s not lie–Tommy's long dark hair and sultry looks would make the perfect traits for Aladdin. With his Edward Cullen stare, Tommy has the charm to woo all the ladies, and his Instagram feed is a testament to this undeniable charm. The Aladdin and Jafar fight scene would enable Tommy to flick his mane around in the hottest manner.

3. Ylona Garcia as Jasmine. With long flowing dark locks and morena skin, the former PBB star would easily pass as Jasmine. Although we are not too sure how happy Bailey would be with her future theoretical pairing, Ylona’s voice is as rich and deep as Lea Salonga’s (who, of course, voiced Jasmine in the 1992 Aladdin movie). The songbird could portray Jasmine’s sassiness and fierceness so effortlessly!

4. Kiana Valenciano as Jasmine. The raven-haired and olive-skinned singer—whose father is the renowned Gary V—has Jasmine's aura of mystery and assertiveness. Not to mention, her latest single "Does She Know" is a testament to her amazing voice. We could only imagine how hypnotizing the duo between her and Tommy would be!

5. Ian Venaracion as the Sultan. Although the A Love to Last star may seem too young to play the pompous yet caring ruler of Agrabah, we figured the Aladdin movie would end up being a hit to all moms out swooning over him. Talk about #DILF!

6. Noel Trinidad as the Sultan. The friendly-faced actor who stars in La Luna Sangre would make everyone’s hearts melt and is probably a more accurate representation of Sultan (than Ian). He’d make the perfect father figure, protective and caring over young princess Jasmine.

7. Ogie Alcasid as the Genie. A comedic genie with imminent omnipotent power, Ogie’s cute round face and amiable personality is enough to be the Genie. We wouldn't be too sure how he’ll portray the Genie’s unconstrained shapeshifting abilities, but his incredibly humorous character and unique singing voice (whilst being painted blue) would definitely be enough for us to giggle in our seats endlessly.

8. Vice Ganda as the Genie. At the drop of a hat, the famous comedian could whip out green jokes for an added spice The sassy struts and deep emotional rants would definitely be integrated into the film, making this Aladdin the most #millennial one ever!

9. Benjie Paras as Jafar. The former basketball player's resting angry face, arched eyebrows, and bald head altogether would make him the ultimate Jafar. As the main antagonist and Aladdin’s archenemy, his eyebrows would be enough to make youngsters watching the movie shiver in fear!

10. Jake Cuenca as Jafar. Who said we couldn’t have someone hot for the Jafar role? As the evil ruler of Agrabah, Jake's brooding vibe and ominous stare would make him the perfect ‘hottie to hate’ on Aladdin. Oozing with appeal while remaining defiant and rebellious, though, it would be hard to imagine Jake dressed in a red cape with heavy eyeshadow!

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