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Hotties Alert: Meet These Male Models Whose Schmexy-ness Majorly Helped Those Ads Go Viral!

Hotties Alert: Meet These Male Models Whose Schmexy-ness Majorly Helped Those Ads Go Viral!

You've seen their faces in those hit TV and online commercials. Blame their looks, their charm, and back to their looks for helping propel these ads to viral level of popularity. Curious as to who these hotties are? We went ahead and did some research on these swoon-worthy models! And, yes, you're very much welcome.


1. Tony Labrusca. He was that guy who broke Elisse Joson's heart in that McDonald's "Tuloy Pa Rin" commercial. Tony's career has since catapulted—after landing as one of the finalists on Pinoy Boyband Superstar, he now appears on La Luna Sangre as the tough-as-nails werewolf Jake Arguelles.

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2. Josh BarfussNo surprise why two women tried to win his heart on Boysen's "Wanda" commercial. Josh has got that sexy bod and impressive fashion sense goin'!

3. Matthias Rhoads. Matthias portrayed the groom whom the lead female role eventually chose to marry in Jollibee's "Vow" commercial. Outside commercial modeling, Matthias is an actor, a vlogger, and an aspiring DJ.

4. Mark Joseph Tam. He assumed the bride's guy best friend role in the same Jollibee commercial. While his heart got broken in the end, the six-pack-boasting Mark IRL came out of the ad as a real winner. He's one sought after model and is a legit bodybuilder!

5. Jack Ellis. Before DOT's controversial "Experience The Philippines" campaign, they churned out "When with Filipinos" video featuring this foreign hottie as a backpacker exploring the country. He may be based in London, but he's a true globetrotter who didn't fail to note his amazing experience in the Philippines while here for the campaign.

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6. Anjo LazaroWhat would you do if you ended up UberPool-ing with someone as ripped and crush-able as Anjo? Uber's "Kilig" ad star is a dreamboat even out of the set—just check out how he's livin' the life on his Instagram account!

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