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Cultured!: ‘Darna’ Lands At #Toycon2017 To The Delight Of Manila’s Toy And Comic Geeks

Cultured!: ‘Darna’ Lands At #Toycon2017 To The Delight Of Manila’s Toy And Comic Geeks

No less than the newest (and possibly the prettiest) face to assume the iconic Pinay superhero role graced the recently concluded Toy Convention 2017 held at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. Liza Soberano—who has kept everyone abuzz after being hailed as the Darna 2018 movie’s titular star—led the ribbon cutting ceremony on the second day of the three-day fair last weekend.

Then a teenybop rom-com staple seemingly metamorphosing into a fiercer, more ladylike showbiz beauty to fit perfectly for the role, our dear Liza stood next to TV and film actors, voice actors, and artists at the ceremony. Among those who graced the kick-off program (and who even took a fan photo with Liza at the briefing area!) were Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Carribean’s Gibbs), Stefan Kapicic (Deadpool’s Colossus), Lindsey McKeon (Supernatural’s Tessa), Charlie Bewley (Twilight’s Demetri), and Karen Fukuhara (Suicide Squad’s Katana).

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“Actually, I didn’t expect it to be this fun!” the 19-year-old actress could only gush. “I’m really happy to see all the cosplayers portraying the characters I’ve been watching since I was really young. I’m really happy to see all these comic fans. I didn’t know that comic books were still alive, and it’s great that people are still enthusiastic about them.”

After the ribbon cutting, Liza headed to peek at the Mars Ravelo Superheroes booth. It displayed various memorabilia of the well-loved graphic novelist and his works. The Ravelo family, led by Mars’ seventh son Rex, even handed the young actress a framed copy of the first Darna panels produced in the late 40s.

“I’m really happy that I am able to meet them, and I hope that one day, I can pass on the legacy that they have been bringing on,” an elated Liza said as thanks.

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If at all, the ToyCon just got Liza all excited to slip into that iconic costume stat, “Actually now that I see the statue and all the merchandise and everything, I’m really excited! Excited na din ako makapag-shoot, and actually connect with the people who are actually waiting for the big reveal of the costume and everything!”

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Banner image by Chloe Ramirez. Photographs by Vyn Radovan.



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