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In Focus: Look Twice At These Uncanny Resemblances Ft. Pinoy Hunks And Foreign Hotties!

In Focus: Look Twice At These Uncanny Resemblances Ft. Pinoy Hunks And Foreign Hotties!

A few months back, we tried matching local artistas to Hollywood celebrities. This time, we wanted to take things up a notch.  

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Whereas our previous list consisted only of girls, this new list likens Pinoy hunks to Hollywood ones and beyond! We thought up 10 pairs so far. Would you say they’re somewhat the same?


Kuya Kim could be Gong Yoo. Kuya Kim often jokes that he is the Pinoy version of the Goblin star. And just last month, the It’s Showtime and Matanglawin host scored a photo with him at a press conference in Hong Kong. With a resemblance that strong, how could you not agree?  

James Reid could be Cole Sprouse. We compared James to Sprouse’s Riverdale character in a previous article but the Cool Down singer’s throwback photo and the 24-year-old’s promo pic as Jughead deserves a second mention! How coincidental is it that (besides their steely gazes towards the camera), they both have dark hair, beanies, dark clothes, and mugs?

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Jay-R could be Ross Butler. Jay-R hasn’t aged a day, but with features as strikingily similar to the 13 Reasons Why star (a head full of hair, chinky eyes, and chiseled jawlines to name a few), we wouldn’t be surprised if anyone thought the R&B singer was Ross’ kuya.

Arjo Atayde could be Jake Gyllenhaal. Another pair of actors with a 10 year age gap? Arjo and Jake! Scruffy suits them, but even if they were clean cut it’d be hard for us to tell the Ang Probinsyano actor and the star of Nightcrawler apart.

Phil Younghusband could be Josh Hartnett. They may be 10 years apart but we can’t help but compare The Philippine Azkals & Loyola Meralco Sparks football player with the star of Pearl Harbor and Black Hawk Down. With almost identical features from their faces down to their (buff) bods, the two could easily be mistaken for twins (or triplets, if you count Phil’s actual twin, James!).   

Xian Lim could be Grant Gustin. If we didn’t know better, we’d say that the Chinito actor of A Love To Last was just the long lost, Asian counterpart of The Flash star.  Their charming, good boy smiles alone can make any girl fall hard! 

Enrique Gil could be Lucas Grabeel. German blood sure runs strong! Besides sharing good looks and unquestionable talent for performing, the My Ex And Whys star and the High School Musical alum are both of European descent.   

John Lloyd Cruz could be Robert Downey Jr. Whether the La Luna Sangre actor grew some facial hair or the Iron Man star shaved his off, the actors would look a lot more alike than they already do! 

Anton Del Rosario could be Adam Levine. Perhaps, in a parallel universe, the American-born Filipino footballer would be trading places with the Maroon 5 frontman, and vice versa.   

Baste Duterte could be Kit Harington. They’re equally fit. They’re into T-shirts and messy hair. They have television projects slated for the year. Heck, they’re both sons of powerful men (or at least, Kit’s character in Game of Thrones is)! We don’t know how much more alike these two can get.   

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