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In Focus: Meet The Men And Women Who Are 50% Of What Makes Star Magic So Awesome

In Focus: Meet The Men And Women Who Are 50% Of What Makes Star Magic So Awesome

Star Magic is synonymous to "stellar roster of stars." It's inarguably home to the most popular and talented bunch of celebrities this side of the world. Almost every aspiring actor or performer would give their all for a shot to be part of Star Magic, yes?

It also automatically makes you think of Mr. M, Star Circle (at what batch did they stop anyway?), and of course, the annual style spectacle that is the Star Magic Ball. But behind all these are the men and women who tirelessly work behind the scenes alongside head honcho Johnny Manahan to make sure each and every celebrity under their care are given the right attention, character and talent development, and guidance to make them the creme de la creme of the industry.

You've most likely seen your favorite celebrity post about them, thanking them for always being there; they'll be there at events, making sure their stars are A-okay, even if they're not on bouncer duty. They're mothers, fathers, best friends, and teachers all rolled into one, ever generous of their time and effort, all in the name of making sure everyone who's part of Star Magic feels loved and don't go astray.

Star Magic wouldn't be the force that it is now if not for them. I say this from the point of view of someone who has seen them do it all firsthand—from managing schedules, egos, and moods, to being the stars' cheerleaders when they're not up to hamming it up for the camera, to defending them when push comes to shove. They'd be very meticulous, and I know this is met by some eyebrow raising somewhere out there, but it is because they have standards—high standards. And these Star Magic stars wouldn't be at their level of professionalism today if not for these men and women who make sure they're topnotch not just in terms of talent, but in terms of attitude.

As the premier talent management center in the country celebrates its 25th year, we'd like to pay homage to the the handlers, road managers, and other members of the Star Magic team who make up 50 of the 100 percent of the awesomeness of Star Magic, because they do what they do with all their heart. 

Click through the gallery to get to know them better!

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