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Nadine's Seoul Searching

Nadine's Seoul Searching

Yes, it was no secret. She was depressed. But Nadine Lustre did something that surely made her feel a lot better.

Giving herself a birthday gift like no other--a respite from all the terrible stress and pressure her phenomenal stardom has brought. And she chose a pretty nice place to take that needed breather with her bestie Yassi Pressman--Seoul, South Korea at the place where crazy bargains and shopping havens for the most precious items are found, Myeongdong.  This Includes lounging around in a dog cafe, where she spent time with an adorable pug.

As seen in her adorable Instagram pics, it was truly one welcome, therapeutic, short vacation for her (wearing a gorgeous trench coat with a black outfit underneath, and awesome boots to boot!), as she goes on to full superstardom with the immensely successful and high rating Primetime Bida show, On The Wings Of Love.

And, Nadz, there's surely every reason to stay as sweet, bubbly, cheerful and radiant as you always are, all the time!



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