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Cheat Sheet: Here's How To Throw An Adorable A Party As Olivia Manzano Reyes' 2nd Birthday Bash

Cheat Sheet: Here's How To Throw An Adorable A Party As Olivia Manzano Reyes' 2nd Birthday Bash

How time flies indeed, once a lovely baby, now terrific toddler, Olivia Manzano Reyes just turned two and celebrated her birthday at the Palace Pool Club in BGC once again. Her first birthday was at the same place and with the same "Party Animal" theme, but back then it was an animal safari. Animals make Olivia happy so her doting parents rolled with it a second time. 


My favorite song played after I blew out the candles in my cake! Could help but dance ??? #OliviaTurns2

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As to be expected, it was a beautifully arranged children's party all put together within one week since Andi and GP were at first planning to take a family trip. In the end, they revised their plans and opted out for her local birthday party. To be as helpful as we can with your plans for a great kiddie celebration, we want to share with you a couple of party planning tips. Check out three extremely helpful kiddie party guidelines below:


1. Make your pre-party planning timetable for getting tasks done. By planning out your party in advance, you can taper off the work by doing most of the tasks early on. This way instead of ending up with more to do as the day draws near, you numerically end up with less tasks if you do it this way. Here is just the concise countdown flow and format based on Martha Stewart's golden advice offered for child's party planning 101. Having a countdown calendar flow is extremely helpful so you can tick everything off...

Pre-Party Timeline
Theme, guest list, save the date, reserve venue.

Finalize invitations, fix games.

Mail invites, buy party favors, begin or prep any DIY decorations plus enlist or assign people to help.

Prepare craft materials and slowly complete the loot bags, make the program, fine tune mechanics of activities, proceed to RSVP people.

Buy food.

Prep the cake whether bought or baked. Complete the loot bags. Final RSVP wave.


2. Stay noted! Whether you choose to make notes digitally or manually on paper, it's good to keep a record of your pre-party plan. We like this simple video about pre-party note-making that a mom named Sylvia Rojas posted online and it's gotten hundreds of thousands of views. Her approach to making pre-party notes is quite bullet-journal style and her technique of using symbols and icons with colored pens in the notes simplifies the things she needs to remember.  


3. List down the pros and cons of having the party venue at home or elsewhere. Before making a final decision on where to have your party, it's wise to list down the pros and cons about where you choose to celebrate. Due to budget you may want to try planning a more DIY party from home. When well-planned, some of these personalized parties at home are the prettiest, most picturesque, and most comfortable for your child since it's at home. However, DIY parties at home, while affordable, are more labor-intensive, and may require a slightly longer pre-production timeline plus a team of doers that you need to form. If you have opted for less labor and saved in advance, you might have chosen an outside venue for convenience and bought pre-made decorations or enlisted suppliers for varied aspects of the party. With that choice, you may have more time and freedom to shape and plan the activities or program for the party.


There's also the in-between compromise of an outside venue but also with your personal touch, program flow, and DIY decorations, a mix of both. It's about what matters to you at the moment. From top of mind, the following points are usually criteria for choice of venue: Convenience, affordability, and environment. You can rate each venue this way and then make your decision for the one that meets most of the three criteria or concerns highly.


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