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In Focus: These Go Get-Em Snaps and Workout Vids Will Urge You To Work On Your Beach Bods

In Focus: These Go Get-Em Snaps and Workout Vids Will Urge You To Work On Your Beach Bods

People are getting into high gear on their workouts because summer's landing wheels have descended, and it will hit the runway any moment now. Workouts don't always have to be tough and dreary, they can be motivating, inspiring, and fun... especially with good-looking, fun-loving role models to motivate us. Check out our faves below and in the gallery above:


Eric and Rownita Tai. We loved Eric Tai's collection of "Big Boy Dances" online. Now how about a big boy and big girl dance with his wife, Rownita? Double the moves and double the fun! 


Amanda Fernandez and Ton Vergel de Dios. The powerhouse gymming duo keep us looking not just because of their bods but also because they're such a cute, gorgeous couple and tag team. Their workouts also fully remind you of your fleeting mortality. 


Ina Raymundo. This Sabado nights Momma works hard at looking hot. Dyan Castillejo caught up with Ina Raymundo doing her intense, long arm routine which she says she specifically does about twice a week. Can you keep up?


Check out Ina Raymundo's super toned arms !!! At 41 with 5 kids she is in amazing shape !

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Solenn Heussaff. What's there to improve, Solenn? That's probably a question a lot of us might ask whenever we see her working out. There's one thing she obviously knows very well, that it's way, way harder to get back on the fitness wagon from completely falling off it than working hard to stay on it. 


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Isabelle Daza. In the "Three Stripes Life," quitting isn't an option. Isabelle Daza pushes and perseveres to reach her fitness goals and looks glam and gorgeous while doing so, too. She also recently put up a brief travel journal clip where working out abroad was a huge part of the itinerary, including trying the tandem bike with her hubby Adrien Semblat (which tested their devotion to one another).


Training to teach cycling classes this coming March. ??It never gets easy!! #neverdone #adidasph @adidasph

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Dyan Castillejo. This sporty lady just doesn't stop! Between featuring sports and doing sports herself, Dyan has redefined what it truly means to live an active lifestyle while talking about it as well. Here she shows her ladder routine for legs and feet. This is a common routine also done not just by tennis players but by football players as well during their drills.


Here's a professionally taught total body workout for you to try that should help you burn fat quickly if you do it at least three times a week and stick to a clean, balanced diet. Do it once daily and you should see results sooner.


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