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Hot Stuff: 30 #NoBSBes Love Advice You Need In Your Life

Hot Stuff: 30 #NoBSBes Love Advice You Need In Your Life

You may or may not be elated that the cheesiest day on the calendar has finally come, but there's no denying that Valentine's Day is also one of the most fun and dynamic occasions we ever have in a year—and you'll find something to love about it, whether you're happily attached, single and lovin' it, bitterly alone, or heartbroken. Yes, even if you're heartbroken, what with all the witty hugot borne out of the feels (almost) everyone has for this day. Not convinced? We're sure the wisdom of Spotify's #NoBSBes love advice will change your mind. Click through the gallery for legit guidance that will also amuse your fragile heart (post your heart problem as a comment on the #NoBSBes album on Facebook if you want something custom-made for you).


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Artcards from the Spotify PH Facebook page



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