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Style Spy: Color Blocking Obsession

Style Spy: Color Blocking Obsession

When learning the fine art of "Does this go with this?," figuring out how to incorporate color is one of the first lessons. But, what we're usually taught is how to tone it down, balance brights with neutrals, and not let bold colors overwhelm. The result? A whole bunch of people terrified of playing around with hues.

For anyone dipping her toes into the fun world of outside-the-box clothing color options, it seems that step one is to pair it with a neutral. You'll style one fire red piece with black—just black—and nary a hint of other hues. It's the beginner's approach to color play, and it's a great way to make a statement piece shine. But, from the hints we've been getting from these celebs, we all can step it up in a big, bold, and rebellious way. 

The outfits ahead are stylish and alluring, and that has a lot to do with how stunning the color combinations are. Get all the color inspiration you need from these photos, and then see what clever combos are hiding in your own closet.


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Photographs from,,, and / Artwork by Jana Jimenez



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