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In Focus: Exploring Scenic Siquijor With Erwan Heussaff

In Focus: Exploring Scenic Siquijor With Erwan Heussaff

All photographs and interview by Vyn Radovan / Text Katrina A. Angco


When you’re traveling with a seasoned adventurer like food entrepreneur and blogger Erwan Heussaff, you’ll either be one of two things: Insecure—because how can you not be when he’s experienced the best of exotic locales and countries most of us can only dream of going like Slovenia, Argentina, Nepal, and Chile—or inspired. We definitely were the latter as we traversed picturesque Siquijor with him: We now have a totally higher benchmark for #travelgoals as we witnessed firsthand how he goes beyond the norm when exploring a place.

“Traveling is super important in terms of discovering yourself and realizing where you are in the world in comparison to other people you meet. Exposing yourself to different cultures, traveling makes you become a better person because you just get to have touchpoints with people you don’t necessarily have touchpoints with,” he shares. “It opens your mind and makes you realize the problems you have back in Manila, the ease of doing things you have in the city, is very different in the provinces. It kinda makes you very humble and thankful for what you have and what you don’t have and going out there and getting it.”

Exhibit A of Erwan as a major travel inspo? He was so game to do all the activities, from spelunking to swinging like Tarzan. Exhibit B? He was also still very keen to go through the other basins of Cambugahay Falls! “I know it’s too long, but I’m pretty sure you can walk up right to the top of the island and that would be interesting,” he enthuses.

This boundary-pushing attitude of his sure rubbed off on us during the trip as we also tried to challenge ourselves to try out as many activities as we can—yet we also know that if we really want to live it up like Erwan does, it won’t be enough to just be super game when exploring the outdoors: This man, with his countless business ventures, successful vlog, and collaborations with influential people and organizations here and abroad, pushes his limits not just when traveling, or during the weekends, but every day, no matter if he’s concocting a new cocktail, shooting a new webisode, or going around the world (and even in that cute video he shot and edited of his swoon-worthy wedding proposal to long-time sweetheart Anne Curtis).

Perfectly complementing his active lifestyle in the truest sense, in every passion point of his and whatever adventure he chooses, is the Samsung Gear S3, a sleek smartwatch whose bezel, crown, and crystal can be turned, pressed, or tapped for convenience, fun, and pure freedom from your phone. Not leaving Erwan’s wrist during our trip, the Gear S3 helped him get more out of every adventure we experienced as it kept him on track by collecting his activity data (it even has a heart rate monitor) and alerted him to changes in atmospheric pressure (it also has an altimeter and speedometer), all while enabling him to make calls and send messages and do other things on his phone through its connectivity function (yes, including streaming songs, checking emails, and accessing his fave apps). Other totally loveable features of this cool watch? Besides looking good, it’s (fresh) water-resistant up to 1.5 meters up to 30 minutes, has long-lasting battery life (up to three to four days, great for those mountain treks), and has an SOS service, a security service where 3 presses on the home screen will send a short SOS message with your location. You can also record your medical information, including blood type, to aid rescuers. Now, how awesome is that? You’ll surely be more at ease no matter where in the world you are or no matter how extreme an adventure you decide to challenge yourself with.

Click through the gallery to see all the fun we had in Siquijor with Erwan and the Gear S3.


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