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The Six Fix: These Beauties Make For Perfect 2017 #BodyGoals

The Six Fix: These Beauties Make For Perfect 2017 #BodyGoals

While the rest of the world binged on food over the holidays, Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff, Pia Wurtzbach, Sarah Lahbati, Denise Laurel, and Nadine Lustre were werqing it in their hot and chic swimwear. Well, we bet they had their fair share (and who knows, they might have overindulged a bit as well, because who can resist all the good food over the Christmas season, right?) of holiday goodies, but they were also wise enough to couple it with continued workouts and healthier alternatives. Learn some of their tried-and-tested fitness tricks below, and be well on your way to sculpting your physiques like these #bodygoals:

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Anne went back to the fitness trainer that she says has helped her achieve her "dream bod," and made sure to follow most, if not all of his bilins while she was in Australia.


Sarah knows that when it comes to workouts, if there's a will, there's a way. In an island far away from a gym? Jump on a boat and row those calories away.


fam morning workout #ziontheyounglion

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Get even more creative and do improvised workouts with your special someone. Perhaps some dance and gymnastics-like moves like Pia's and Marlon Stockinger's?


Hawaii with @marlonstockinger ??????

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Need a foolproof whole body workout? Boxing is the answer, and Denise knows this all too well.


Try to get as much workout in as you can, say two classes every day, or every time you go to the gym to prepare for "rainy days" (a.k.a vacay-without-a-gym-in-sight-and-such days) ahead—Solenn does at least two different workouts every day, from boxing to yoga, to plyo and circuit training.


Strong class today! Now off to workout number two with my mum! @adidasph

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And, of course, always factor in greens into your diet. Right, Nadine?


Lunchin' with my fave lady. @myplustre

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