In Focus: See The Evolution Of The "Pinoy Big Brother" House In Pictures

In Focus: See The Evolution Of The

Since its completion in 2005, the yellow and blue house along Lopez Drive in Quezon City has been a tourist spot for both fans and non-fans of iconic reality show Pinoy Big Brother. We thought it would be fun to look back on all the different looks the Bahay ni Kuya has tried out through the years...


2005: Costing almost P18 million to build, the 3,000 square meter Big Brother House came complete with all the rooms and facilities the housemates needed, from centralized airconditioning, two living rooms, a kitchen, a swimming pool, two bathroom, to the famous confession room, and an altar for worship.

2007: For the second regular season, the interiors underwent an expansion and repainting, and were transformed to a green color in comparison to the original orange walls found in the living room area, In addition, the walls from the 2007 season became a mix of other shades of green, along with varying patterns, as well. 

2011: American designer Jonathan Adler's work was the inspiration behind the Big Brother House’s “Happy Chic” theme, integrating bright colors as accents on the walls and floors done in earth colors.  

2014: For Pinoy Big Brother: All In, the color scheme was changed once again, this time using bright pastel colors, giving the interiors a refreshing and playful vibe befitting of what proved to be one of the most fun editions of the show.

2015: For Pinoy Big Brother 737, the interiors were given a more Pinoy pop culture look through various signs, graffiti, and artwork that depict a typical Filipino neighborhood. Rocketship Creative Design Lab took charge of the renovation of the Big Brother House for this season.

2016: Continuing the Filipino culture theme from last season, designer Jen Soliman transformed the interiors to make the housemates feel like they have explored all the top destinations in the Philippines for Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7.


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Photographs from,,,, and the Pinoy Big Brother Facebook page.



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