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Fitness Inspo: Bea Fabregas' Fitness Journey—From Fluctuating To Fab!

Fitness Inspo: Bea Fabregas' Fitness Journey—From Fluctuating To Fab!

Host-influencer Bea Fabregas' exposure to sports and fitness began very early. At eight, she started playing tennis and already did pushups with her dad watching. In college, she entered the UP varsity tennis team and became its captain during her senior year. That same time, she took on UAAP courtside reporting duties and laid the groundwork for what would be a fruitful career in radio and sportscasting. Bea's a busy gal? Pft, what an understatement.

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Yet, with all things that have kept Bea busy and upward, her fitness journey rather proved to be fluctuant. While she never really and completely stopped working out, she admits becoming complacent in many occasions—especially when it came to hitting the gym. "It took a back seat," she tells ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “I made excuses like, ‘Well, the stress of a workday is way different compared to when you were a student,’ or 'You’re not a competing athlete anymore, why do you need to put yourself through so much trouble.'"

But these excuses only made the once active and competitive Bea dissatisfied. She had to wait for that day she would ask herself what exactly happened—“I was done treating fitness like it was in my 'past life.' I was done being unhappy with my weight or how my body looked. I wanted to feel strong again,” she says.

Bea started to rely on crash diets to get back to her former figure, so much so she obsessed over a number on a scale. She felt failed. “I was tired of the endless fluctuating cycle,” she opens up.

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All things tried and tested, Bea soon anchored her fitness goal back to just being healthy—that's it. She would awaken herself “to continue to strengthen my body and learn different workouts, things I never imagined that I’d be able to do. I just want to constantly see where I can take myself when it comes to my fitness.”

How exactly did she do it? Slowly easing workouts into her every day, which, at first, she admits, wasn't a walk in the park. “There were things I would easily be able to do before that I couldn’t do anymore,” she confesses.

Bea later motivated herself anew, even reminding herself how she did it back in her strenuous kolehyala days. She became calculating—starting with an hour for gym to toning and strengthening her body until she could do a full body workout five to six times a week. She saw herself get back to it, to the surprise of her loved ones and followers seeing her unapologetically strutting her stuff on social media.

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Having had to undergo a crazy fitness journey, Bea surmises one thing: A healthy lifestyle is not just about fitness; that the real essence of healthy living comes with bringing health to its optimal level—with the help of self-care and nutrition.

Bea, for one, eats exactly what she wants within reason. She makes sure that she eats cooked meals with healthy nutrients. She avoids junk, alcohol, sweets, and fast food. She has a few “cheat snacks”—donuts, iced tea, cheese popcorn, wine, and fries. “My diet is pretty much ‘Be mindful of what you eat’ and that’s it,” she says.

And when it comes to self-care, Bea believes that “it requires attention and devotion.” She calls working out her ultimate stress-reliever.

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Bea likes to believe fitness transcends physical health benefits. These days with most people cooped up at home, for example, she churns out fitness content that might get some of her 51k followers to caring about their mental health more.

It's all about occupying oneself to shoo stress and anxiety away, Bea declares. “The point of posting them on my stories was just to remind people to work out or move. If my friends or people that watch my stories see me getting the workout done, then it’s like this little accountability community and they’ll feel motivated to move as well.”

Bea gets inspiration back, too, via connections forged on social media. She specifies the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for this purpose, as it not only lists hundreds of varied workouts but also holds classes while on social distancing mode. “Being part of the Nike IG Live community workouts and participating in them has been such an inclusive and empowering experience. It’s a reminder that great things can be done with little. In this case, great workouts can be achieved in small spaces. Seeing other coaches and athletes and being able to work out 'together' keeps us in check and definitely uplifts my spirits."

She adds NTC's goal in keeping as many people active through #PlayForTheWorld and more of its fitness and wellness tips on its site.

Yet no matter how fitness is achieved, Bea further emphasizes its importance during a pandemic—it's an essential, she dare says. “Each day, we have to be grateful for our health and what our bodies can do. The fact that we can work to make our bodies stronger is a blessing we should not take for granted.”

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