Spaces We Love: Kylie Jenner's Resort-Like New Home

Spaces We Love: Kylie Jenner's Resort-Like New Home

If you've been an Instagram follower of Kylie Jenner, you might have noticed some background changes in her posts. That's because the influencer-businesswoman has reportedly moved to her brand new home in Holmby Hills, Caifornia (one of LA's most glamorous neighborhoods, by the way) during the lockdown period.

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According to TMZ, the house is a huge "single-story, modern compound" that has seven bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a chef's kitchen, an outdoor projection screen, home theater, bars and game rooms, a gym, and a championship-level sports court with pickleball/basketball. Kylie's new house also features two guest apartments with kitchenettes and living rooms, and two additional suites.

But while all these features are probably all decked out with state-of-the-art equipment and expensive furniture, what makes Kylie's new abode a hit among online onlookers might be that all rooms have access to natural light. Exposure to natural light, as they say, can improve one's well-being and mood, and can make rooms appear larger and emotionally warmer. To add, all rooms  direct to the pool area—so that's another enviable feature at Casa Jenner!

If you're curious to see Kylie's new home (or looking for some inspo as you redecorate your own place), swipe through our gallery!

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Photos from @kyliejenner and @kyliejennerhouse



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