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Style Inspo: Hyun Bin's Easy Fashion Sense That Left Pinoys Smitten

Style Inspo: Hyun Bin's Easy Fashion Sense That Left Pinoys Smitten

You may have crash landed on him suddenly or have considered him that debonair oppa for quite some time now, but this Korean heartthrob is really more than just the leading man of note these days.

Yes, we’ve known him over the past months as the stern yet madly in love Captain Ri in Crash Landing On You, and we seem not to get enough of him, maybe binge-watching one, twice, or thrice just to get a glimpse of his unquestionable handsomeness and dominating presence and stature over and over again.

But more than just seeing him in those rigid North Korean military uniforms, we’ve gotten a peek of the kind of style Hyun Bin exudes in those unforgettable scenes in CLOY as Ri Jeong-hyeok, in which he tried out those stylish suits as insisted by Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin). And this is the kind of fashion Hyun Bin really takes with him in the spotlight, off the set.

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We see his unmistakable charm, well-chiseled bod, and eye-catching fashion sense all over pictorials and sometimes stolen shots donning a myriad of street, formal, and even airport wear, mostly in neutral or earth colors. It surely would excite us Filipinos to know that he would soon carry this superb level of dapper as the latest A-list endorser of Bench, which the clothing brand announced last Wednesday.

Hyun Bin's heartwarming casual, everyday wear makes him truly an ideal boyfriend-ish ahjussi, with a mix of colors shaping his appeal that really make girlfriend wannabes instantly fall in love. His masculine look, neatly tussled hair is resounding especially when he wears those shiny leather jackets onscreen, including this teaser of his upcoming campaign for yet another Philippine endorsement for Smart, which the wireless communications company also announced the same day.

Hyun Bin's red carpet wear is just as astonishing, sometimes with a usual black suit and a bow tie and in other instances, a play of colors as well like a blue suit with a black shirt and tie.

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And as we see him jetsetting from one airport to another, Hyun Bin never ceases to amaze with those attention-grabbing idolicious jackets and at other times, comfy cardigans every girl is ready to embrace. Soon, we will surely get to witness his impeccable, princely style even more on EDSA billboards and local ads showing Hyun Bin pitching for those top Filipino brands.

As we anticipate his collabs, we've gathered some of Hyun Bin's best looks in the gallery.

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Images from @withhyunbin and @hyunbin_actor on Instagram



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