Spaces We Love: Mimiyuuuh's House Tour Is Hi-La-Rious!

Spaces We Love: Mimiyuuuh's House Tour Is Hi-La-Rious!

Mimiyuuuh may have millions of subscribers and followers now, but the vlogger—we can say—remains as grounded and real as ever. The 23-year-old YouTube sensation resides with her loved ones in Baclaran, and at the request of fans especially those curious of her Lucky Star cabinet, she finally let them into her home (but not without a lot of jokes!).

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The backstory, she says, is that they found this place to stay at after their first home was demolished. She narrates how they moved around a lot as her family couldn’t afford rent. Don't let this sob story defer you from clicking through the link, though—your LOcq4l j3j3 gHuÖrl vlog tells all with much laughter and love!

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Screenshots taken from Mimiyuuuh's official Youtube page



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