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Hottie Alert: 2gether's Smoldering Star Bright Vachirawit—And His Jack-Of-All-Trades Life!

Hottie Alert: 2gether's Smoldering Star Bright Vachirawit—And His Jack-Of-All-Trades Life!

With those deep-set eyes and the his too-cool-for-school swagger, Sarawat from Thai series 2gether: The Series has definitely kept up a mysterious aura about him that's made people keep wanting to find out more and to keep watching. But Sarawat's only a character, and there's a real person behind him, and his name is Bright. 

Well, that's only a nickname. The 22-year old Thai-American who's suddenly shot to stardom for his role as Sarawat is really named Vachirawit Chiva-aree. Young as he is, Bright's been active in front of the camera for a good while now. He began his career at 16 as one of the hosts of TV show Strawberry Krubcake. He made his breakout in cinema playing the lead role in the 2016 movie Love Say Hey, and he was best known before 2gether for his role as Young Peng in the drama My Ambulance. 

His roots in performance run deeper than acting, though. There's no faking it when you see him playing the guitar on 2gether! Bright's known how to play the guitar and drums since he was 10 years old, and a quick scroll through his Instagram should be enough to show you just how much he loves music when you listen to his covers of anything from kpop hits to RnB slow jams. His talent's been quickly recognized by the people behind 2gether, too, as he's even had the chance to showcase his chops with his own song on 2gether's official soundtrack!

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Away from the cameras and the stage, though, Bright still has lots of goings-on. You might think that the time he spends in school working toward a marketing degree should be plenty enough to keep him occupied, but he still somehow manages to find time to be physically active. Bright's a huge fan of the Manchester United football team, but this isn't a support that's just on the couch—he's also a football player in his own right, always up for a quick game on the field when his team's around. When he's up for something more strenuous, he's kicking around a punching bag at his local Muay Thai gym, too.

What does Bright get up to when he wants something a bit more relaxing, though? This intrepid traveler is always keen to hop on a plane and fly off to someplace else, and he's already ticked off quite a number of countries off his list! At home, though, he's usually content to just sit by a lake and drop a line into the water, and wait for a fish to give it a tug.

At 22, this jack of all trades definitely has the world right at his fingertips, and we're wishing him all the best with everything he wants to apply himself to!

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