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Cheat Sheet: How To Rock The Bare-Faced Look Like These Celebs

Cheat Sheet: How To Rock The Bare-Faced Look Like These Celebs

As you do our part in curbing the spread of coronavirus by staying at home, it’s probably the best time to let your skin breathe and take a minimalist approach to beauty. This is exactly how some of our favorite celebrities are spending the enhanced community quarantine at present, apart from helping those who have been affected by the crisis. A quick scroll online, you'd see them pulling off the look effortlessly—be it for a TikTok video or an online meeting for work.

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Keeping a bare-faced look might be easy for these already-gorgeous ladies, but not for those neglecting skincare and overall self-care. To those wanting to achieve it, professional makeup artist Jake Galvez has this guide:

Skincare first!

The key to a bare-faced look is having clear, glowing skin. For Jake—whose clientele includes Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu, Janella Salvador, Nadine Lustre, among others—it's about choosing products that are appropriate not only for your skin type but also the weather. And then, he said, make it a routine. "Since summer started, I've been using a cool gel cream moisturizer during the day to give my skin a smooth, comfortable, soft matte finish that's perfect for warmer days and a renewal oil at night to improve my skin's firmness and nourish it while I sleep," he explained.

Regularly sanitize your tools

Deep clean your makeup brushes and sanitize your makeup, Jake said. "Get yourself a pro brush cleaner or use a shampoo to clean your brushes," he specified. It would also be best to apply conditioner to keep them soft since, "Most of time, dirty brushes and makeup are the main 'cause of your breakouts. Spritz some alcohol on your compact powders, blush, and eyeshadow palettes, too!"

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Skip the foundation and powder!

With this step, Jake said, you can keep it simple for online meetings—while still looking extra! The artist suggested using a tinted moisturizer, feathered brows, and a subtle lip and cheek tint, instead.

From skincare to self-care

Give yourself a facial from time to time, continued Jake. "Since we can’t get our regular facials, get that facial mask you’ve been keeping in your beauty drawer and mask once or twice a week for that natural glass skin-like glow."

Don't forget your brows!

"Kilay is life! Your eyebrow frames your face, so it's important to always groom, define, and feather it naturally," he revealed. "I like using a brow powder for a natural barefaced look, and brush it with a brow setter in clear natural feathered brow effect."

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