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In Focus: Ellen Adarna's Intensive Meditation Journey In Bali

In Focus: Ellen Adarna's Intensive Meditation Journey In Bali

In case you’re wondering what Ellen Adarna has been doing after taking a hiatus from showbiz three years ago (next to raising her son Elias), it looks like the the 31-year-old Cebuana has been focusing on her self-care. In particular, the sultry actress completed a two-week “meditative gymnastic” program in Bali, Indonesia.

Last March 14 via Instagram Stories, Ellen proudly shared what kind of intensive one-on-one meditation challenges she went through through with Kokoro Team Bali en route to her certificate of appreciation. “To everyone asking," she explained, "I did mental training  ('cause) I was stuck in this black hole for almost (three) years. My antidepressants didn’t do me any good, it made me immobile and numb. I was getting weaker mentally and emotionally—something had to be done.”

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Some of the challenges Ellen posted included a Standing Tree Meditation where had to stand on top of a building for five hours straight while another challenge had her ankles bound so she had to jump to get around until she reached five kilometers. She also had a trust exercise where her teacher made her balance herself on one brick and made her believe the floor was full of needles. She also had to find the patience to cut grass individually and arrange them side by side for four hours straight.

Through a chat message with a friend, Ellen admitted the reason why she agreed to go through this alternative form of meditation. She went on, “The point was to go crazy and to know you’re going crazy and (it's) useless to go crazy so you meditate.”

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Although, one netizen called Ellen out for sharing what was supposed to be a private process, Ellen said the documentation was never for public consumption. “My mentor took videos and pics so I can see my progress and achievements and how I dealt with my demons. He documented some of the exercises so I can look back (and) be reminded and say I did it. When you’re in a stressful and sticky situation the last thing you want is a camera in your face. The camera triggered me and pissed me off at one point. I did not ask him to take videos of me. Ever. But he insisted and told me one day I’ll look back and see things differently. I never imagined I’d share this because I thought I wasn’t gonna get better.”

One of the biggest challenges for Ellen throughout the session was cutting herself off from the world. She admitted, “I was isolated for one week no phone, no contact with the outside world. This is a one on one training. 14 days straight. 14 days vegetarian.” But after successfully making it through all the challenges, she declared, how it was well worth the effort, “ I can now finally say, after years of struggling… I am no longer a prisoner in my own mind. Ahhhh!!! Freedom, we meet again.”

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