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Cheat Sheet: Victor Basa Shares His 'Guy’s Guy' Skincare Routine

Cheat Sheet: Victor Basa Shares His 'Guy’s Guy' Skincare Routine

When we met actor-entrepreneur Victor Basa at the recent Watsons’ "Love The Sun" launch early March, he was gearing up to visit different beaches across the country once he had the time. Part of his prep, as it turns out, included stocking up on his skincare products. Even more surprising was just how simple his skincare regimen is. Here he shared with us how he keeps his face and body fresh (even during summer)!

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1. Hotter weather = frequent showers. "I definitely shower more than once a day! That said, I personally enjoy using a cocktail of different shower gels and dermatologically tested sunscreens that can be shared with my significant other and family."

2. When traveling with wife Stephanie Dan, Victor handles the essentials. "I think I influence her when it comes to the products we use. I usually bring everything so it adds to the experience. It makes it more enjoyable—like starting off on a nice note."

3. Yes, he has a skincare routine. And it’s really simple! "First, I cleanse because I don’t want blackheads or dirt to get trapped under the products I use later, which is toner followed by sunscreen. I’m a guy’s guy. When I’m out the whole day, I also like using a face mist.  A nicely scented cooling mist is good to freshen up with."

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Photographs taken from Victor Basa's official Instagram account



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