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Cheat Sheet: How Matteo Guidicelli Maintains His Oh So Sexy, Olive Skin!

Cheat Sheet: How Matteo Guidicelli Maintains His Oh So Sexy, Olive Skin!

Gone are the days when whiter skin was the skin to aspire for. Instead of treating it as an insecurity, more and more naturally brown Filipinas recognize they are beautiful just as they are. They fully embrace their color without condemning others who were born shades lighter.     

The conversation of skin color has been primarily centered on women. But if there is any Filipino man who can well represent this moreno movement well, it's Matteo Guidicelli.

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Matteo, who is rumored to be marrying his longtime girlfriend, singer Sarah Geronmino soon, has been very open about skincare and why it's important to him. He isn't afraid to express his fondness for hygiene, as a triathlon who's usually under the sun's dangerous UV rays. Yet, (at least) from the looks of it, the A Soldier's Heart star could care less about how dark or light he is!

How does he maintain that sexy, olive skin tone? Back to hygiene, Matteo could only stress in an earlier interview, “I think a lot of men, minsan nahihiya tayo na, ‘Ay, I have to wash my face with soap’ but you guys have to be open about it... Bata pa tayo, nung teenager tayo, we didn’t care about washing our face. Bahala na. But once you get older, you start developing pimples and stuff so you have to take care of your skin talaga. Hygiene is very important.”

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Photographs taken from Matteo Guidicelli's official Instagram account



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