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Love Actually: Lexi Gancayco And Jason Santos—From Teen Lovers For 6 Years To Totally Friends!

Love Actually: Lexi Gancayco And Jason Santos—From Teen Lovers For 6 Years To Totally Friends!

Fitness influencers Lexi Gancayco and Jason Santos' meet-cute is as high school as high school can be. They got set up to be each other's prom dates. They got acquainted a couple of days before it. Finally, they got together and dated for the next six and a half years.

Working out a relationship through high school and college, from teen age to early adulthood, might seem like destiny from then on. But life, just like everything else in this world, would get complicated. Alas, the breakup between the two.

Despite sharing a deep history together, Lexi and Jason managed to rekindle their relationship as friends. and they've been friends now for as long as they've dated.

In the following video, the two reminisce on how they began and what drove them apart, before discussing their solid friendship that has stood the test of time!

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How many years were you together?
Jason: We were together for six and a half years.

What was your first impression of each other?
Lexi: Quiet. Shy.
Jason: My first impression of you was strong. Strong personality.
Lexi: Not a match, obviously!

Describe that moment when you started falling in love with each other.
Lexi: Medyo matagal. Dig deep!
Jason: I remember there was always something sparkling every time I’d look, especially the first time we went on the dance floor at prom. How would you describe it?
Lexi: I think that was in 2008. I think it’s because we kept on talking and we hung out a lot. I was a strong personality, and you were quiet. I didn’t expect that we’d get along so well.

Tell us about each others' best traits as a romantic partner.
Jason: I remember every time I was shy, you’d be the one to tell me “no, it’s okay!”
Lexi: I remember, especially in college, I was always trying new things. You were always super supportive. All the times I failed, which was a lot, you were always there. 

What is something that you liked doing together?
Lexi: So many things. Working out, exercising, travelling, going to the beach, eating in cheap places!
Jason: Yeah, that used to be our thing.

In all our months or years together, tell me about the sweetest thing your partner did to you.
Jason: There’s a lot! I can’t pinpoint one.
Lexi:  I remember the time I set up a booth in Friday’s restaurant on Valentine’s, and when we got there the placemat was all our pictures, and when the food came there were photos on every dish. That was the sweetest thing I did!
Jason: Right! In Galleria. I remember!

In one word, describe our relationship.
Lexi: I’d say it was like a bubble with you and me. A good bubble, but still a bubble.
Jason: For me, real.

Take us back to the time things went sour.
Jason: I clearly remember. It was one night that she asked me to go to her place, and I was like “Oh, something’s wrong. She’d never ask.” You’d never ask that. That’s when it happened.
Lexi: For me it was that we were changing after college. I had an identity crisis, like, “Who am I without Jason?”

How did the breakup happen?
Jason: We talked because we figured that we had to look for our identity. We talked about it, and one of us didn’t get it at first but eventually we did.
Lexi: Who?
Jason: Me! That’s how it went.
Lexi: Well. Talking would make it seem very simple. We fought it out!

How did you behave after the breakup?
Lexi: I. Was. A. Mess. For a long time! I was full of regret. I completely lost myself, I was drinking so much, partying so much. I didn’t actually behave very well! How about you, how did you behave?
Jason: I was the opposite. I was always out, I wasn’t keeping anything to myself. I was always with my friends. I would also drink a lot, and I would also see you drink a lot.

How did you behave post-breakup around family, around friends, on social media?
Jason: Pretending to be okay, but sometimes social media people would see random posts, and they’d see it. Kind of dramatic, but not.
Lexi: Super pa-tough. Like everything was okay, except to my closest one or two friends who really knew the truth. I think around everybody I was just, “No biggie. Six years? Let’s move on!”

How long was it before you saw each other again?
Lexi: Super fast! We made a scene pa.
Jason: Yeah, in the club. Three months! We made a hell of a big scene.
Lexi: Yeah, that was not nice. 

What was it like to see each other for the first time after the breakup?
Lexi: That night was very blurry. I was very drunk, and I remember seeing you and going up to you and going, “Why don’t you love me? Why don’t you want me back? Why aren’t you answering my phone calls?”
Jason: Yeah, and all your friends were backing you up.
Lexi: Yeah, they were pulling me back and saying, “Tama na Lexi, tama na!” That was the first time we saw each other after the breakup!

Tell us that moment that made you say we were ready to mend fences with each other.
Lexi: Wala, I had no choice. You went to the place where I was working out and said, “Oh, I want to try.”
Jason: I think you invited me.
Lexi: Okay, fine, I invited you. I thought we were friends, and you said “I want to do this too. All the time!” I just invited you once, not all the time!
Jason: I guess mine was that we were in the same barkada. When I started going to the places you were always at, and then we always saw each other anyway, so we became friends instead.

Who initiated to be friends again? How did the apology go?
Lexi: It had many levels.
Jason: Yeah, talking, and then trying to understand things.
Lexi: Yeah, let’s be friends – I can’t be friends – let’s be friends – I can’t!
Jason: And then eventually we were like, “Okay you know what, we’re getting old!”
Lexi: Yeah, eventually it was like, “Oh my god, it’s been two years. Let’s just be friends.

Looking back, what would you have done differently in the relationship?
Lexi: Okay, looking back, I always think about this –
Jason: I thought you were going to say nothing!
Lexi: No, no! Since you were my first boyfriend, I was very immature at that time. I didn’t know what it was like to be a girlfriend. It was only about what I wanted, or what I thought I wanted, or what my friends did. I could have been more selfless, more independent in a way that I didn’t rely on you so much. Deep thoughts!
Jason: Yeah. Mine was going to be nothing!

What did you learn from your relationship?
Jason: I think what I learned was that, more than lovers, we were good friends. We started in high school, we ended after college, and I figured that we could be good friends compared to being partners.
Lexi: I think at the end of the day, since we started off as teenage friends, the friendship was always there. In a way we also grew up together, so there’s a part of you that I saw grow up. A part of you changed, but there’s a part of you that still stayed the same.

What’s your relationship like as friends?
Jason: Well, I’d always be there with you and Rafa. I’d always enjoy being around our friends.
Lexi: Yeah, I think it’s because we’re chill, and we like to do the same things. Simple. It’s low maintenance! 

Why do you think it’s possible to be friends with your ex?
Jason: I won’t say it’s possible for everyone. I think it’s possible to be friends with your ex, especially if you started out as friends first, you saw each other grow up.
Lexi: I think if you reach a certain level of maturity, you just have to remove the drama and then go back to like, “Why did I get along with this person before?"

Would you say “no regrets, just love?”
Lexi: With you? Yes. No regrets, just love!
Jason: Same, same. 

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Produced by Camille Santiago | Photography by Vyn Radovan | Makeup and Grooming by Patricia Asis | Hair by Sam Corbillon of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon | Styling by Eds Cabral | Special thanks to Luis Puno and JM Conopio-Maceda | Shot on location at Almacen, Poblacion, Makati City



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