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Fitness Inspo: Trainer To The Stars Arnold Aninion On His 'Toughest' Celebrity Clients

Fitness Inspo: Trainer To The Stars Arnold Aninion On His 'Toughest' Celebrity Clients

For many, staying in shape comes with the territory of being a high-profile artista. With that, celebrities resort to all kinds of diets and even hire personal trainers like Arnold Aninion long-term if it means achieving the #bodygoals they want.  

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Arnold’s friendship with Eric “Eruption” Tai and fateful meeting with Anne Curtis in 2017 saw the Fil-New Zealander go from Philippine Volcanoes rugby player to one of the most in-demand celebrity trainers.  Spending considerable amounts of time with his clients gives him not just a clear idea of what diet and workouts will work best, but opens the door to genuine friendships with them.

When ABS-CBN Lifestyle met Arnold, he spoke extensively about his admiration for and observations of his star-studded clientele. 

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Anne Curtis is very determined. She likes to work under pressure because everything is always last minute for her—like a last minute photo shoot, last minute magazine, or last scene for a movie. It’s very rare that we get to prepare for something. If it’s the determined Anne that turns up to work on the gym, she gives her 100%. She does not stop.

Raymond Gutierrez is obsessed with perfection. He has to look a certain way and he will stop at nothing to look it. To me, he’s one of my most dedicated and persistent clients. 

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Isabelle Daza would be one the more emotional clients I have. She will lift and lift and lift until she cries of pain. But she’s determined to finish everything and anything I tell her.

Georgina Wilson is the one of the sweetest girls. She’s a mom—always positive and with something great to say about me. We’ll be halfway through the workout and then she’ll say, “Arnie, you’re so great.” She makes me laugh like that.

Erwan Heussaff is probably one of the most underrated guys out there. He’s gifted physically but doesn’t know it. He could easily be a professional athlete but chooses not to. To me, he’s one of those dark horses.

Richard Gutierrez is a constant professional. He will always prepare according to what is required. If it’s meant to be shredded, he’ll be shredded. If he’s meant to be skinny, he’ll be skinny. He’s a true actor’s actors.

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Lovi Poe? Gifted athlete.

Rhian Ramos is just so much fun to be with.

I trained Kelsey Merritt when she came over for a visit. It was a couple of months before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show came out and she became worldwide. She’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever trained. And a true professional. She does everything correctly; everything she does it has to be done a certain way. The future of Philippine fitness is in safe hands when you have someone like her. She is just so good. It’s a testament to her success.

Michael De Mesa is one of my older clients. That guy’s insane. When he first came to me, he looked like he was not going back on screen. Now he looks like the Filipino Sylvester Stalone.

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Photographs taken from the official Instagram accounts of Anne Curtis, Isabelle Daza, Denise Laurel, Erwan Heussaff, Kelsey Merritt, Lovi Poe, Michael de Mesa, Raymond Gutierrez, Mond Gutierrez, Rhian Ramos, CJ Jaravata, and A-Game



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