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In Focus: 9 JaDine Things that We Can Never Get Enough of

In Focus: 9 JaDine Things that We Can Never Get Enough of


New couples may come and go, but you can't convince us to shut up about our love for JaDine. You'll understand how we feel if you've been here shipping with us back when Nadine Lustre, who was then still a member of Pop Girls, starred in one of James Reid's music video in 2013, and jumping for joy when their reel love story turned into a real one.

And as if they are not yet on top of our favorite couples list, the pair goes to prove that what they have goes a long a way from being just a "loveteam." They're out there living life just by being themselves without caring about other people's opinions of them.

And for all the loyal JaDine fans out there, we're pretty sure that you can attest to all the things that this real-life couple do best when they're together. From slaying Halloween to climbing mountains (literally and figuratively,) James and Nadine have those couple things that define their unique (and unbreakable) bond. Check out our gallery above for a dose of kilig from your fave duo!

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