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Beauty Inspo: Issa Pressman's Bald New Look—And Other Bangin' Hairstyles!

Beauty Inspo: Issa Pressman's Bald New Look—And Other Bangin' Hairstyles!

For some girls, cutting their hair short is far beyond their comfort zone. Some are afraid to see marks of regret in its end result, while others are scared of what people would think about the big chop. 

If you’ve been meaning to amp up your 'do but lack hairspiration in doing so, take it from Issa Pressman who has changed her hairstyle every two months—get this—for the past year! She hopped from one color to another, and even reached the point of rocking different colors on both sides of her hair! “The half-blonde and half-black would always be my favorite because when I face one side, I get to sport one look, and when I face the opposite direction, it’s another mood at the exact same second,” she said in an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

The social media star has recently gone bald and beautiful—her dream haircut, her end goal. “I’ve always thought of it as a very bold look,” she revealed. “I’ve always wanted to go bald and regrow my hair to its natural state. By doing that, I wanted to go all out and try every single hairstyle that popped up in my head.” Issa didn’t follow any pegs in the process, but made sure every shift only led her to that certain style. What did it feel like? “Nothing crazy, nothing sad, nothing scary—just happy,” she declared. 

The reason in changing up your appearance shouldn't be just to please people, Issa said. “All the styles I go for just suit how I feel and how playful I want to get. I guess if you have that mindset, nothing else will matter. Gaining confidence will even come naturally,” stressed the entrepreneur. “Whatever look you try to rock, it’s all about how you carry it. Make it personal, make it close to your own style. If you do that, it will all flow beautifully because if you feel good, you look good."

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