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Where To Next: At This Eco-Friendly El Nido Resort That's Georgina Wilson-Approved!

Where To Next: At This Eco-Friendly El Nido Resort That's Georgina Wilson-Approved!

Last holiday season, while most celebs found themselves strolling on some foreign land, Georgina Wilson and family relished in solitude within proximity. In Northern Palawan, the socialite and top model brought her husband Arthur Burnand, sons Archie and Thor, and other folks at the pristine Pangulasian Island Resort, an El Nido Resort adorning Bacuit Bay. Georgina's enviable photos showed the family bonding over the private paradise boasting of marine biodiversity—but a little research on the place let us in on other thrills for anyone else planning to visit.

Save for the usual water activities, as Georgina said in a statement, Pangulasian Island Resort or Panga really piques interest with a chance for first-hand encounters with water monitor lizards, the Palawan hornbill, and long-tail macaque. The resort apparently is a nesting place for sea turtles and endemic Palawan flora and fauna. The reason behind this: The resort—for the past 10 years—has been "deliberately" cautious over its carbon footprint in its operations. For example, following a town directive, it has strictly banned single-use plastic including water bottles. Its "sustainable menu" has no grouper, lobster, and other endangered species. Astonishingly, it has also deterred any plans of building anything taller than the surrounding coconut trees. It even has an eco-friendly plan en route to the place—with an electric jeep picking its guests up from the airport to the pier.

In terms of community building, the resort is part of Ten Knots Development Corporation that helps locals earn while promoting culture. It especially tasks local women in welcoming guests and weaving the latter's bags and hats, as a form of living. It also provides a living for the fishermen as suppliers of local produce and seafoods.

All these might just be the reason why Georgina and fam stayed away from cliché vacation spots during the holidays instead, choosing to promote people and things local and pro-environment.

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Photos courtesy of Georgina Wilson and POV Inc.



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