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In Focus: JC Intal—From Basketball Pro To Abstract Artist

In Focus: JC Intal—From Basketball Pro To Abstract Artist

JC Intal may be famous for his power moves, slick passes, and scoring shots on the court, but did you know that he’s also an impressive artist on the side?  

While his love for art began early on in his life, the basketball player only realized his continued passion for painting over a year ago, when he hung out with internationally-recognized Filipino artist Jigger Cruz, who set up an art studio in his home. “Nung nakita ko ‘yun, sabi ko, ‘Uy, gusto ko na talagang mag-paint,” Bianca Gonzalez' hubby with whom he has two kids told ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “Later on, my daughter Lucia asked me if we can paint together. Sakto, I bought painting materials nun, so it really started from there." 

Greatly influenced by his friend, JC has developed an abstract style that—with the perfect mix of colors and thick layers of paint—ends up as a strangely beautiful canvas masterpiece. “Jigger’s my idol. Like him, dun din ako nage-enjoy sa mga makakapal na oil,” he said. “I really, really love his style. Sobrang laking influence niya sa art ko.

Each artwork the former Ateneo Blue Eagles star has made took inspiration from his everyday experiences. “Hindi lang sila basta ginawa,” he revealed, adding that painting served as his personal creative outlet in life. “For example, when I’m super down or had a bad game, magpe-paint ako. If I feel stressed or may konting pagod, dun ako magpe-paint. It’s my way of expressing myself talaga.”

Even if there are people who want to buy his paintings, he confessed he can’t let go of them easily for that reason. “But I’m very humbled… maraming nakaka-appreciate. You can’t please everyone but I’m very flattered kasi yung iba, gusto talaga nilang i-hang sa bahay nila,” he declared. What are his next steps as an artist, you ask? “It’s my dream to have my own studio in the future. Maybe after basketball when I retire, I’ll focus more on my art. Maybe I’ll study art in a few years. We’ll see.”

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan



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