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#DecadeChallenge: See How Our Fave Celebs Glowed Up Within the Past 10 Years!

#DecadeChallenge: See How Our Fave Celebs Glowed Up Within the Past 10 Years!


The new year is here, and it's a tradition for most of us to celebrate it with great parties, good food, and beautiful fireworks. But what makes this change of calendar even worthier to celebrate is the fact that we're not only ending a year but also a decade! That's why it's no surprise that people have started a new trend called the #DecadeChallenge, where you simply post two images of yourself from 10 years ago and another at present.

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The overall point of this challenge is to give yourself some well-deserved appreciation not just with your physical glow-up, but in your life achievements as well. Since we all know you're curious how your fave local celebs have changed from the beginning to the end of the decade, we did all the work for them and put their photos side by side. To see how much they've grown right before our eyes, swipe through our gallery above!

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