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#ChalkLovesLouDre: Lou Yanong & Andre Brouillette on How They Define Love

#ChalkLovesLouDre: Lou Yanong & Andre Brouillette on How They Define Love


“Roller coaster ride.” It’s how ‘It’ loveteam and real-life couple Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette would describe their relationship, and we can see why. During their stay inside the famed Big Brother House where they first met in January, getting to know each other was on steady route thanks to the fact that they actually lived together. When the momentum was built, the twists and turns happened, cruising through the ride that led to a connection—and eventually, true love.

Everything has been a swift flow of events—admitting their feelings towards each other during the special romantic date set up inside the PBB House, that controversial kiss during the pool party, Andre asking Lou to officially be his girlfriend, introduction to each other’s families, taking the fourth and third spots during the Big Night, working together as newbies in show business, and now, stronger than ever eight months in. But instead of feeling dazed, the couple remains focused. Suffice to say, 2019 is their year—and LouDre, as their fans would call them, recalls how this lucky year came to be their best yet.

Lou, a professional model and now an Entrepreneurial Management graduate, is used to the spotlight. She’s worked on fashion editorials and is a familiar face on the runway. Meanwhile, Andre, hailing from Hawaii, moved to Japan where a talent scout discovered and invited him to come to the Philippines to do acting and modeling. When they met in PBB Otso, neither thought it would spark a year-long of fortune not just in their respective careers, but also in the love department.

Fast forward to present and the romance continues to brew, alongside projects that they get to do together. For them, it’s a blessing to have each other—to have a constant buddy to lean on especially when the going gets rough. In the glitz and glamour of the local entertainment industry, it’s easy to lose it and get drowned in the fame. Not for LouDre, though—taking showbiz by storm, hand in hand, is how they plan to succeed in the long run.

“It has its ups and downs, for sure,” the Hawaiian native tells about their relationship, “But it’s good that we feed off each other's vibe. We can call the other and say, ‘You got this, I believe in you, you worked so hard for this!’ We encourage each other a lot.”

Of course, like any normal relationship, Lou and Andre have their fair share of challenges. As people of influence, the two are always under the public radar, and conformed to careful actions. “We have to know that there are kids and families watching. People love us, so we have to think about that,” Andre relates, while Lou adds, “People look up to us and that’s a huge responsibility. We can’t be perfect, but we’ll try our best to bring positivity.”

They are not susceptible to bad days, either. But LouDre makes sure to check on each other’s moods and compromise.“We’re in a serious relationship—we’re going to make mistakes. There will be times when we’re both tired, and we can be impulsive and say things that we don’t mean,” Andre says. Despite the odds, they find a way to make it work. “We’re still together after everything we’ve been through, now we’re still together to this day. And I think with every challenge we go through, it makes us stronger and stronger,” he further muses.

As young as they may seem to others, these two already have quite the grasp on that thing called love. And it's not a concept that they take lightly. Lou claims, “It’s all about realizing that love isn’t just love. It’s a collection of words—love is trust, love is understanding, and, of course, knowing when to listen and when to speak up."

Acceptance also plays a big part in their solid rapport. When asked about what they like about each other, Lou and Andre endearingly answer, “He’s Andre,” and, “Everything about her,” respectively. These aren’t just sweet words, but a simple testament held stronger by a string of collective reasons. They’re in the same boat, basically—she’s understanding, he’s comfortable around her. She’s unapologetic, he’s patient. Their traits complement, forming a stable bond enough to keep them together.

LouDre comes together as a pair, but growing individually is as important to them as well. They work the same job, and time apart is limited (not that they’re complaining, though!) They talked it through and decided that giving ample space for separate endeavors is part of a healthy relationship. “A relationship shouldn’t be dependent on just the other person. Spend time with your friends, focus on your career and finances, get all that together,” Andre advises. Another plus of this set up? "You miss each other more!” he says.

It may all be hearts and butterflies for this pair especially as a new couple, but Lou and Andre know how to put their career as the priority. Their goals for 2020? Reach for more of their dreams! Both are looking into pursuing hosting. Individually, Lou eyes participating in workshops, creating a clothing line, and setting up her own vlog, while Andre sees acting as his main opportunity. This, and learning more Tagalog along the way!

Of course, we did not let our interview close without more kilig to spare. Next year, the couple spills about their romantic dreams of a Hawaiian getaway. “My main goal for next year is to get her to my family in Hawaii, introduce her to my friends, and take her to my favorite places,” Andre claims.

What can we say, our eyes are peeled for this to finally happen!

Photographed by Miguel Alomajan
Creative Direction by Madel Asuncion
Art Direction by Mikka Caronan
Styled by Ica Villanueva (Lou) Aaron Mangsat (Andre)
Clothes by Black Code Manila
Makeup by Marben Talanay
Hair by Jeff Valenzuela
Grooming by Sonson de Asis
Nails by Extraordinail

Video Produced by Deiniel Cuvin
Video Shot and Edit by Sam Aniciete
Shoot Coordination by Patricia Villarica

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