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Fitness Inspo: Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst's Secret To Her Show-Stopping Abs

Fitness Inspo: Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst's Secret To Her Show-Stopping Abs

While she may not have made it to the Miss Universe top 5, Miss USA Cheslie Kryst definitely turned heads with her jaw-dropping washboard abs. Walking in the swimsuit portion first featuring G. Sonsie Swimwear, the 28 year-old lawyer, MBA graduate, and Extra correspondent who had previously won Miss North Carolina displayed her body as her ultimate weapon to steal the show.

So how difficult was it for Kryst, who's already a busy hyphenate, to get into that pageant form? In a previous interview with INSIDER, she revealed her process especially when on her way to Miss USA 2019. "I woke up everyday at 4:45 a.m. and would do a morning workout." Kryst added that her workout frequently involved yoga, cycling, and other forms of cardio. "I would just do the elliptical or bike for an hour, or hour and a half a day... It took a lot to fit that into my schedule, but it worked out well—and I was happy with the results."

Of course, it wasn't all about a solid workout. Kryst also turned to a "consistent" diet to help sculpt those luscious arms and torso. Her breakfast of choice, for example? Toast with egg and avocado ("I'm obsessed with avocado, even though it has a lot of fat in it. I love it, and it's good, healthy fat."). For the rest of the day, she consumes salad, chicken, and vegetables. 

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Photos by Patrick Prather and Alex Mertz, courtesy of Miss Universe



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