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In Focus: How Miss Universe 2019 Semifinalist Gazini Ganados Has Made Us All Proud

In Focus: How Miss Universe 2019 Semifinalist Gazini Ganados Has Made Us All Proud

What a journey it has been! With Philippines making it to the Top 20 this year, our Miss Universe 2019 rep Gazini Ganados couldn't have made us prouder—showing what it meant to be an empowered woman in today's age with her confidence and wit. Just by representing our country on the big stage, Gazini thus deserves more than our congratulations. Here are reasons why we placed our bet on who was once our #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo!

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She's a legit dalagang Pilipina.

While she may be half Palestinian, Gazini looks the morena part representative of our native roots! Think she looks exotic? How she transforms in her photo shoots will just amaze you! FYI, Gazini has been modeling as a teenager, which has also allowed her to travel!

She’s a beauty with a purpose.

Like most beauty queens, Gazini stands by her pro-elderly advocacy. It must be for her love for her own grandparents. Hence, her involvement in . She went on with the following as her opening statement.  "The world is aging, and my grandparents raised me. I worked in an organization that was supporting elderly care. I learned... I realized that there's this stigma between ageism, poverty, exclusivity, and invincibility. It is rightful for us to remember that they were the ones who paved the way for us. We should reciprocrate that love, and no one should be ever left behind."

She’s as a natural charmer!

While she may be a little quiet and proper in real life, Gazini has her own dose of humor too! In one of her #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo videos, she even answered wittily to some of the silliest It's Showtime Miss Q & A questions! Watch the hilarious video here.

She advocates total fitness!

For Gazini, however, it’s not just about working out and having a killer bod! It’s also about healthy eating and well-being, says the proud pescetarian.

She loves the Philippines so much!

Gazini may have traveled far and wide. But she will always come back to her home! Watch her talk about her fave travel spots in the country here!

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Photos by BJ Pascual | Makeup by Mickey See | Hair by Renz Pangilinan | Styling by Eldzs Mejia



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